Swimming is another adventurous activity in routine of Military College Jhelum. Cadets, officers and children are availing this charming opportunity of Military College Jhelum. Organized swimming practice continues throughout summer season. The expert staffs along with a House Duty Officer remain on duty during the swimming practice to ensure maximum utility of this facility and ensure safety. Cadets show their talent and consume their energy in positive way to inculcate this adventurous experience to their artistry skills. The house faculty taps and back up their cadets to make them ready for inter-house swimming competitions. The cadets also show their deep proclivity to enhance their expertise and keep the flag of their house high with wining the competition.
‘Feel your way though the water. Don’t fight it.”
The swimming pool measures 50 meter length and 25 meter width, due to vast size the capacity is huge and at a time complete entry can enjoy swimming. Swimming is very healthy activity for cadets, after hectic routine they feel relax and fresh due to playing in water. Water in the pool is blue as the sky and clean as the crystal. Cool blue Water of pool is soothing the eyes and refreshing mind and body of the cadets. The shallow section is 4 feet deep while the deep section is 14 feet deep. Inter-house Swimming and water polo competitions are held annually. The wining individuals are given prizes medals, while the wining house is colored with trophy. Swimming is very positive and energetic activity for cadets and they prepare themselves for the future competition at Pakistan Military Academy.