Physics club remained actively functional in 2021-2022. Cadets participated enthusiastically in the club. They are motivated and guided to undertake various physics projects. The main objective of the club is to enhance the cadet’s spirit of experimental concept and to turn it into practical shape. Physics Club is for students who want to understand how physics is applied. Club members have the opportunity to showcase their skills while building projects that are physics based. The club is open to the student body, but is especially beneficial for anyone looking for a career in physics.
The Physics Club encourages the cadets in the study of Physics. The topics are primarily those covered in the text, however, Physics is such an encompassing discipline, any topic can be investigated. Club activity is specifically held on the weekends throughout the year and member cadets prepare very refined projects. These projects enhanced the capabilities of cadets to perform in particular field and to explore their talent through practical manifestation. Their efforts are lauded by higher authorities. Few of the projects that are prepared are as under.
1. Letter Box Counter
2. Distance measuring Tank
3. Automatic Railway Gate

4. Fire Alarm
5. Metal Detector