Photography club is much more than just having a camera and taking pictures. Cadets in this club have opportunities to hone their skills by understanding and learning about what makes a good photograph, from composition to artistic expression. In addition, members of this club also learn how to edit and enhance photographic images for their own use. Cadets are encouraged to practice their skills while photographing college related activities like Sports fixtures, Cross Country, Swimming Competition, Horse Riding, Gardening Activity, Guest Speakers, Social Nights and Drama Club activities etc.
This club also nurtures Photographic Skills of the cadets and increases their analyzing and sensing skills. Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere for the cadets to discover, develop, deploy and express their creativity in photo, video, capturing skills. It also provides and trains cadets in using graphics, editing tools and software’s which would make them unique in their profession. This club is responsible for covering each and every event like: Officers Tea Out, delegation visit to Military College Jhelum, Wreath laying Ceremony, Flag Raising Ceremony, Independence Day Ceremony, Musa Hall functions, Competitions, and play its role in incarnating histories, capturing memories, and in the beautification of Military College Jhelum. Apart from these, the inter-house competitions and all other college competitions are also the responsibility of this club to secure the data and make it memories. The officers and seniors are training the cadets with their expertise and making them skill to prosper in the relevant field.