It is the need of the time that we must concentrate on scientific education of our cadets in the present era of scientific advancements so, that we should be able to keep pace with the modern world. This can only be possible when we will stress upon the scientific studies through practical approaches. Chemistry Club has been established to help the student’s link academics with practical life and to create interest in subject. Chemistry club has to inculcate interest regarding chemistry as a subject to understand its relation to natural world, to develop critical thinking and nourish cognitive skills of cadets, to improve quality of life by seeking knowledge and using it in practical life, to make them able to generating ideas on their own, to guide cadets in learning science innovation and give them hands on practice.
Cadets of Military College Jhelum are taught to work on the projects and prepare the chemicals; Essential Oil Extraction Process, Preparation of Household Products, Preparation of Perfumes /Fragrance, Preparation of Rose Water, Soap Making, Glass/Marble Etching, Wax Modeling/Preparation of Candles, Shoe Polish/Aftershave/Mosquito Repellents.
In the current session (2021-22) even during renovation, upgradation and maintenance work, club activities were conducted as per schedule planned.