Computer Club is one of the main clubs operating in Military College Jhelum. In the previous years the club was only functional during the Parents Day preparation with the aim of displaying few projects on the Day. Now the purpose and functionality of computer club has changed and it will be operational throughout the year.
Computer Club is actively involved in organizing and undertaking such technological projects where the members may experiment their innovative ideas to make them a reality. Traditionally, this year again, th members of the computer club showed amazing performances in projects including Software & Web Development, Graphic Designing, College Ledger Preparation, Hardware and Network Configuration Computer club is to enhance computer skills of the cadets and help the college by providing digital services. As mentioned earlier that computer club is now functional throughout the year to enhance computer skills among all cadets by teaching them basic knowledge of operating computer and different software. It is also used Improve efficiency by maintaining digital records like house wise ledgers, archive the data of the college cadets like the speeches done by cadets in morning assembly or the pictures taken by photography club provide digital services to other clubs like helping arts club in making digital art or photography club in sifting their data and handle educational and entertainment videos along with supporting e-material.
Cadets are trained according to their class wise/previous knowledge of computer with an assumption and hope that the cadet has reached an optimum level and will continue to improve further in that area. In the modern age of technology, it is very necessary for a cadet to attain a minimum knowledge of operating computers where he can perform different routine tasks. Computer club in Military College Jhelum will not only help cadets in attaining that minimum knowledge but will also train cadets to perform college / house level asks on their own.