This house was established in 1925 as Birdwood house and named after British/Indian army Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Sir William Birdwood of Gali Poly. In 1958, Birdwood House was renamed as Aurangzeb House after the name of famous Mughal king Sultan Mohy-Ud-Din Aurangzeb Alamgir. It was Junior House at that time and there was 73 cadets residing in the house. The first Housemaster was Jamadar Faiz Muhammad Khan and first head boy was C/No 29 Muhammad Zar Khan who held this appointment for five years. The colour of hose flag is orange and motto of house was Birdies Don’t Tell a Lie in 1956, Excelsior in 1973, Truthfulness in 1985 and present is “Truthfulness Always” since 1991.