Military College Jhelum Robotic club provides a platform where knowledge meets with practica approach of problem solving, analytical thinking and creativity. This club fosters the power of teamwork, collaboration and leadership through different projects. Robotics Club is a team-oriented competitive club which cadets work together to build robots and program them to compete in events against teams from other schools. This extracurricular activity offers an outlet to cadets to cultivate their passion in understanding Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills. In robotics club cadets design, build and program robots to perform certain functions and use of robots as well as computer system for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.
The purpose of robotics club is to design machines that help people in performing their daily life tasks without external control. These technologies were used to develop machines that can substitute for humans due to the efficiency, quality and consistency of robots. Member cadets of Robotics Club worked upon various projects related to electronics, mechanics and mechatronics. The line following robot, obstacle detector. robotic crane and robot to detect and separate colored ball and robotic printer were the projects made by the club members during the session