This house was established in 1925 as Robert House and named after British army Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Lord Fredrick Robert, Robert of Kandhar. In 1958, it was shifted in Birdwood House and was renamed as Mehmood Ghaznavi House after the name of a great king, conqueror and idol negotiator Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi. This house has a unique honour of receiving the first batch of 21 students on 15th September 1925. First house master of house was Subedar Walayat Shah and first house prefect was C/ No 2 Sultan Muhammad. The colour of house flag is dark blue and motto of house was “Work is Worship” in 1972, I Will Never Fail in 1976, Strive Till Death in 1979 and present is “Work is Worship” since 1982.