Drama club is one of the most active and adventurous club in Military College Jhelum, which provides fun, opportunities, and stage for displaying talent of cadets. In drama club cadets participate and lean different thespian skills. Drama Club plans variety of different events encompassing both the entertainment of the cadets and the history of the College. The cadets of Drama Club have always been a source of joy and knowledge for the cadets and the faculty. Over the period of time, the club has proved that it has played a vital role in the confidence building of the cadets. Whether it is the singing competition, cultural shows, skits followed by hours of laughter and smiles or the bidding of farewell to the outgoing second year, cadets of Drama Club have always shown their keen interest in the participation of such events. Drama Club plans and conduct national events, Independence Day, Parents Day, Quaid’s Day, Iqbal Day, and bidding farewell to senior entries. In Drama Club cadets perform skits, cultural dances, sing songs and assisted the houses to arrange social nights. By participating in Drama Club and social nights the cadets overcome their stage fright, gain confidence and eloquence.
This year marked the very factual and legendary event in the history of the College on 3″ March, as the college completed its 100 years since the laying of Foundation Stone. Drama club prepared a variety show full of different events that provided a brief history of the college which includes-Foundation laying stone date 1922, first Commandant of Military College Jhelum Captain Clarke, Name of Military College Jhelum “King George Royal Indian Military School” was displayed, name changed to Royal Pakistan Military College Jhelum in 1947, the first Muslim Commandant Major Aurangzeb, the name changed into Military College Jhelum in 1956, Alamgirian Swordies, Alamgirians served as Services Chiefs, they all are role model for the cadets of Military College Jhelum as a feeder institution. History of Pakistan in the eyes of wars, paying tribute to martyrs of Pakistan Army, wars between India and Pakistan, conspiracy role of India in 1965 and 1971 wars, cultural dance and singing followed by humorous skits were part of the show.