Riding Club has been established in Military College Jhelum for the cadets, officers and children. They are galloping on their own time and learning the equestrian skills. Horse riding provides the combination of a cardiovascular workout with a rewarding mental challenge, mixing balance with hand-eye coordination helping to improve reflexes, tone the body and in particular tone the core muscles and your legs. Cadets are given their own time to run the horses and explore the ground with enthusiasm. Cadets are very keen to learn riding and add another experience to their life. Officers and their kids are also galloping and inculcating this new experience of riding.
“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle”. (Winston Churchill)
Riding is a healthy activity. Trained military staff is available for those who aspire to gallop. Horse riding can have an antidepressant effect causing a drop in the levels of stress hormone. Riding is a natural stimulant for the hormone serotonin, otherwise known as a mood enhancer. When this is released, we feel a sense of happiness and well-being. These endorphin also relive tension and stress. This club provides support and encouragement to young riders who not only learn the basics of riding but also show their talents in riding on various events taking place in the College. Riding Club is being used for those cadets who have an issue of knee knocking.