Interior design is greatly influenced by flooring, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing a space’s effectiveness. It stands as the largest design element in any structure, serving as the foundational element that determines a room’s overall look and ambiance. Subconsciously, it’s often the first thing we notice upon entering a space.

In recognition of this importance, Commandant Military College Jhelum, Brig M. Qureshi, initiated the replacement of traditional cemented flooring with modern, meticulously designed marble flooring. Marble flooring, by itself, is a masterpiece of floor design. It offers the inherent advantage of being easier to clean compared to other flooring options, effectively resisting stains, odors, and dirt accumulation.

The primary objective behind this flooring upgrade is to elevate the aesthetic appeal of the cadet’s dormitories and rooms while ensuring ease of maintenance. This endeavor also aims to maintain a serene environment within the living quarters, recognizing the profound impact of such an atmosphere on the psychological well-being and mental peace of the cadets. It indirectly influences the overall performance of the cadets by providing a conducive and tranquil living space.

Furthermore, the introduction of this new marble flooring will significantly reduce the time and effort required by cadets for cleaning their dormitories, thanks to its easily maintained nature. This, in turn, allows them to allocate more time and focus towards their academic and training pursuits.