Cricket League was org w.e.f 13-16 Mar in Military College Jhelum . 8 x Teams participated from all segments of the college in the event as fol: Teams ASL
Pool A Pool B
2. Security Guards + N/Qasids 2. PT Staff + MT Staff
3. Waiters & Cooks 3. Gardeners + Sanitary Workers
4. UA, MES, Estb, A & Q-br 4. CH Staff, Lab Attd, Asst
ASL was played on League basis. All segments of the college participated with full zeal and zest. It lifted the overall camaradrie of the troops and decorated the working spirit of the institution. Final was played between Offrs A  vs PT Staff Team. It was a nail biter. In the end Offrs A team stood victorious. Comdt MCJ lead the team of Offrs A  in exceptional way . At the end Comdt MCJ distr the prizes to winners and runner up teams.