Subj events were org at MCJ on 15th Sep 23 in which a no. of Alamgirian Gen Offrs, faculty & cdts took active part. Lt Gen Rahat Naseem Ahmad Khan HI(M), president NDU, was the chief guest.

Wreath Laying Ceremony was held at Yadgar e Shuhadah, during which homage was paid to the Alamgirian Shuhadah. A swimming competition was fol at the swimming pool in which cdts displayed impressive swimming skills. The 16th AGM was org at Musa Hall where a no. of pts were discussed. During the AGM new Gen Secy of Alamgirian Association was elected.

The AGM culminated with a variety show by the cdts adding more colour to the event. An exciting football match was played b/w TSH & JH after lunch & Jumma prayer.

Later on, the guests dep as per their convenience.