Message by Brig Muhammad Saeed Anwar, SI(M), The Outgoing Commandant



Brig Muhammad Saeed Anwar, SI(M)

The Outgoing Commandant

Every Training or Educational College, being a special institution, created to serve specific social needs of a society. It, therefore, not only gets aims and objectives but also have its contents and methods to determine its activities to be carried out. Human society, being dynamic and changing, it is therefore essential that the character and nature of education and training imparted in that institution also change according to the needs and developments of the society. A college is not merely a place of formal learning, but also a place of social learning. It is a social unit and an integral part of the total organization of society.

Military College Jhelum, being a unique educational institute of the country with rich history, is tasked not only to fulfil the educational needs of its cadets but also tasked with another significant manifest function i.e to mold its cadets into best/ proud citizens of Pakistan with a shared national identity: inculcating patriotism, character, integrity, teamwork/ team competition, balanced personality and to prepare them for their future roles, primarily by joining armed forces as Officers or other important roles/ leaders of our society.

To actualize this stupendous task sustained and unflinching support of all stakeholders is of paramount importance. I, as Commandant, take this opportunity to extend my profound regards and gratitude to my faculty, staff, parents, alumni, higher headquarters, local formations, civil apparatus for joining our hands together for further uplifting the educational, training, administrative standards and facilities at the campus starting from Class Rooms to best available facilities at Cadet Houses. All your assistance, valuable input and guidance during the last three years enabled the office of the commandant to plan, organize and implement well-thought out strategies: administrative, academic, training and grooming to take the performance curve higher and higher. Alhamdulillah, board results and performance at ISSB/ PMA are testimony to the fact that our collective efforts are yielding positive outcomes. We have the honour of Topping the FBISE last year and this year, all the cadets secured A+ grades in matriculation examination. I am confident that cadets of class XII will set new benchmark for their juniors in the board results and as well as in ISSB.

          I hope and pray that your sustained support, guidance and valuable input will continue in future as well and this enduring relationship between us will immensely benefit the cadets and this great institution.  I wish all the luck to the new Commandant, his team and this great institution while removing the uniform at my Alma Mater. Though the relationship and love for my home, so close to my heart, does not require presence in its walls, will never diminish. I am always available for any service / input for furthering its mission.