ISSB Selection %age – MCJ

The mission of MCJ is to educate and groom the cadets intellectually, morally, and physically; fostering requisite leadership qualities for rendering svc to Army in particular and the Civil Society in gen. MCJ is a welfare institute, getting intake from 12x various categories, mostly with humble education and family background. It serves as a feeder institute for PMA. In Nov 2020, ISSB, R&D and Hist Cells were established to handle these aspects in an org manner. ISSB Cell comprised Gp Head Science as its President, a Maj as its OIC, and a no of officers as its members. To improve the ISSB Recom rate, a comprehensive plan was formulated while dedicating every Saturday as ISSB/ Activity day, org of various activities at different tiers, and running a cadre of 15-21 days at the culmination of 2nd yr. With the focussed efforts of Comdt, Dy Comdt, ISSB Cell, and almost the whole faculty, the selection ratio has risen enormously attaining the best Recom rate of 80.5% for the last entry i.e 2017-2022.

The last 5 years’ detail of entry-wise selection is as under:-
Entry 2013-18
Recom : 68/93
% age : 73.1 %

Entry 2014-19
Recom : 58/96
% age : 62.7 %

Entry 2015-20
Recom : 57/117
% age : 48.7 %

Entry 2016-21
Recom : 66/114
% age : 57.89 %

Entry 2017-22
Recom : 87/108
% age : 80.5 %
A cadet has joined AM College also in open merit