Brief History of Houses

1.Mehmood Ghaznavi House

This house was established in 1925 as Robert House and named after British army Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Lord Fredrick Robert, Robert of Kandhar. In 1958, it was shifted in Birdwood House and was renamed as Mehmood Ghaznavi House after the name of a great king, conqueror and idol negotiator Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi. This house has a unique honour of receiving the first batch of 21 students on 15th September 1925. First house master of house was Subedar Walayat Shah and first house prefect was C/ No 2 Sultan Muhammad. The colour of house flag is dark blue and motto of house was “Work is Worship” in 1972, I Will Never Fail in 1976, Strive Till Death in 1979 and present is “Work is Worship” since 1982.

2. Aurangzeb House

This house was established in 1925 as Birdwood house and named after British/Indian army Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Sir William Birdwood of Gali Poly. In 1958, Birdwood House was renamed as Aurangzeb House after the name of famous Mughal king Sultan Mohy-Ud-Din Aurangzeb Alamgir. It was Junior House at that time and there was 73 cadets residing in the house. The first Housemaster was Jamadar Faiz Muhammad Khan and first head boy was C/No 29 Muhammad Zar Khan who held this appointment for five years. The colour of hose flag is orange and motto of house was Birdies Don’t Tell a Lie in 1956, Excelsior in 1973, Truthfulness in 1985 and present is “Truthfulness Always” since 1991.

3. Tipu Sultan House

In April 1928 British Army Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Andrio Sakeen inaugurated the house (Third House of School). It was named as “Sakeen House” after his name. The first House Master was Risaldar Muhammad Abdul Latif. In 1959, it was renamed as Tipu Sultan House. The colour of house flag is green and motto is “Duty First” since 1973.

4. Babur House

In order to expand the college for war purposes, 4th house was established in 1943 as Auckinlect house (Kacha House) named after Field Marshal Sir Kalaad Auckinlect (Commander in Chief) who inaugurated it in November 1943. In 1959, Auckinlect house was shifted in Sakeen house and was renamed as Babur house in the honour of Zaheer Udddin Babur, founder of Mughal dynasty. Subedar Fateh Khan has the honour of being first Housemaster and C/No 760 Muhammad Aslam Janjua was the first House prefect of the house. The colour of house flag is red. Initial, motto of the house was Hard work, simple living and high thinking and present motto is “Conviction and Courage” since 1972.

5. Jinnah House

Jinnah House was established in 1990 and named after founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in order to meet the requirement of enhanced strength of cadets. It was inaugurated by Lieutenant General Muhammad Arif Bangish. The first house master was Major Doctor Abdul Wahid and first house perfect was C/No 5395 Athar Hussain. The colour of house flag is light blue and motto of house is “Work, Work and Work“. Initially, it accommodated 8th and 9th class cadets but after few years it was declared as senior house.

6. Iqbal House

Iqbal house came into existence in 1992 and named after our famous philosopher and poet Allama doctor Muhammad Iqbal. It was inaugurated by General Abdul Waheed, Chief of Army Staff. The first house master of the house was Major Manzoor Ahmed Zafar and first house prefect was C/No 5155 Muhammad Rajil Irshad Khan. In the beginning, it was a junior house. Later on, it was granted the status of a senior house. The colour of house flag is maroon and motto of the house is “I Can, I Will

7. Sir Syed House

Sir Syed House was raised in August 2011 to cater for the accommodation requirement of the cadets due to the increased intake. Almost 5-6 cadets per house/ class were shifted to Sir Syed house. House was named Sir Syed House after the great muslim  scholar, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The first house master of the house was Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Ali and first house prefect was C/No 7392 Saad Hamid. The colour of house flag is grey and motto of house is “Never Give In