Military College Jhelum is an institution that shapes all and becomes an integral and eternal part of all those who enter her folds. The bond that gets birth here lasts till the soul resides in the body. It is a special place which brings about holistic development in the persona of a young lad and transforms him into a vibrant and conscientious person ready to face the challenges of practical life.

I am sure that it is a cherished dream of every Alamgirian to fall back to his Alma Mater and coming back to my Alma Mater as Commandant was my dream which came true. It is such a singular honour to head such an illustrious institution; one that affects so many delicate souls. Since my arrival, this place has reinvigorated me and made me relive my past. I could vividly recall my days wherever I went and even could feel my mates around with all our idiosyncrasies. This institution lures boys to think; knowing what they do and why they do. Albeit, societal trends are powerful yet this place has the inherent strength to minimise the damage and instil the habit of meditated and rightful action without any external duress.

The tail of 2019 and entire 2020 have remained much interrupted due to COVID-19. Alhamdulillah! I along with faculty and administration have tackled it very well as we have run online classes and renovated Cadet’s Houses in order to provide comfort to the cadets when they return back to their Alma Mater. Besides, I cannot halt my pen to credit my officers for their dedicated efforts in tree plantation, renovation of officers’ and cadets’ messes, revival of x-country and athletics competitions.

Capturing and preserving events in their true perspective is a Herculean task. An institution as old as Military College Jhelum entails rich history that needs to be preserved with its soul and spirit which can act as lodestar for times to come. Traditionally in army, this job is done with the help of Digest of Service and Visitor’s Book; that will always speak the Doer’s and Visitor’s language. A magazine on the other hand has great vantage, since it encompasses formal and informal events. It saves the spirit and soul of its time in both written and pictorial form for generations to come. The Alamgirian (2019-21) is a true reflection of college life and aptly depicts the journey of progression that we have undergone in the recent past. There are a few fundamental changes that were brought in the college with an aim to highlight the spirit and do away with formalities.

Dear cadets, I have been talking to you frequently at the college; collectively and individually. I would not like you to waste your precious time. Invest your time judiciously in activities that this college has to offer and make the best use of them. Buildings cannot make or break nations; it is the human resource that does it. If you are sagacious in dispensing with your time and energy, I have no doubt that you will make your mark. I hope our efforts will bear fruits in the future and the upcoming generations of Alamgirians will raise the college flag high. I wish you success in every field of life!