96th Raising Day

15 Sep mk the 96th Raising Day of MCJ and was celebrated with full zeal & zest. To commemorate the occasion Quran Khawani was held after Fajar and prayers were made for the prosperity of College & Pakistan. The wreath-laying ceremony was held by Comdt Brig Muhammad Saeed Anwar to honour the martyrs fol by his address to the cadets and faculty. Comdt impressed upon keeping the Alamgirian Spirit high and overcome all existing challenges with determination and utmost courage. College Tarana, the last activity resonated the spirit of hardwork, determination, and a promise that we shall uphold the banner in all tides and storms.

At this momentous occasion, however, senior Alamgirians couldn’t be invited due to prevailing COVID-19. However, they shared their sentiments and celebrated the day with zeal as this day has a great impact on their personal and professional lives. May Allah Almighty bestow His blessings upon the great Alma Mater. He may shower us with more blessings and the honour to proudly call as Alamgirians.